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The Algoa Kart & Motorcycle Club (AKMC) invites you and your family to come and visit us at the Celso Scribante Short Circuit located in Gqeberha.

AKMC was founded back in 1973 and has produced and developed some exceptional talent throughout the years. Our Club is situated on Victoria Drive, en route to Sardinia Bay, with an outdoor tarmac track approximately 1km in length with several layout options available to accommodate various Kart and Motorcycle classes.

The Clubhouse, situated at the track, has an elevated position which allows for spectacular views of the complete racing circuit. Clubhouse facilities include ablutions, braai area, kitchen and full bar to ensure members and spectators needs are adequately catered for.

AKMC offers racing and driving opportunities for both Kart and Bike owners and we welcome drivers and riders of all ages and experience levels to join our club and start racing.

Kart and Bike racing are the least expensive forms of motorsports, and this is where many of today’s top racing talents started their careers. There is no better to way to have fun on the track, while honing your racing skills.

How to get started?

STEP 1: AKMC Membership Application – Sign Up Here!

STEP 2: MSA License/Registration – Visit MSA Online

STEP 3: Select Kart or Bike Category/Championship – View Classes Below.

STEP 4: Purchase/Rent Kart or Bike (Incl. Equipment)

STEP 5: Start Practice

STEP 6: Enter Race

What’s your Class?

AKMC offer both Kart and Motorcycle racing/driving opportunities with various classes based on age and experience levels. We also have Social Club Classes for individuals and Organisations that just want to have fun without getting too serious.

National Kart Classes

AKMC cater for the following National Karting Classes which are aimed at the more serious racers.


5 – 9 Years

Learn More

Kid Rok

6 – 10 Years

Learn More

Micro Max

7 – 11 Years

Learn More

Mini Rok

9 – 12 Years

Learn More

Mini Max

9 – 13 Years

Learn More

Junior Max

12 – 15 Years

Learn More

Senior Max

14+ Years

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15+ Years

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DD2 Masters

32+ Years

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Separate from the National Series the AKMC Club offers the following Regional Social Classes aimed at individuals and/or teams just wanting to have fun.

Junior MSR4

+10 Years


+17 Years


+15 Years


+17 Years

The Social series was designed for Corporate Teams and/or Group of Friends sharing the same passion for motorsport and would like to race without spending too much money.

Regulations ensure equal opportunity for all drivers, irrespective of age and/or experience. Need more detailed information our Social Series, please CLICK HERE or contact us direct at info@akmc.co.za

Motorcycle Classes

AKMC offer the following Motorcycle Classes based on age and level of experience.All three classes are in alignment with the National Short Circuit Racing regulations, so that our young riders are able to participate at national events.

Mini Moto NR49cc

Beginners & Juniors

Honda NSF 100cc

Junior (Experienced)

Honda CBR 150cc

Senior & Junior (Experienced)

2024 AKMC calender


3 February 2024

Regional Round 1 – Celso Scribante (MSA Event)


9 March 2024

Regional Round 2 – Celso Scribante (MSA Event)


13 April 2024

Regional Round 3 – Celso Scribante (MSA Event)


11 May 2024

Regional Round 4 – Celso Scribante (MSA Event)


14-15 June 2024

National Event – Celso Scribante (MSA Event)


22 June 2024

Regional Round 6 – Celso Scribante (MSA Event)


3 August 2024

National Event – Celso Scribante (MSA Event)


21 September 2024

Regional Round 7 – Celso Scribante (MSA Event)


9 November 2024

Regional Round 8 – Celso Scribante (MSA Event)


7 December 2024

National Event – Celso Scribante (MSA Event)


Ready to Start your racing career?


Steps to become an AKMC Member.

Click on “Member Application” button below and do the following:

Choose Type of Membership

  1. Annual Full (Practice & Race) Membership : R 2 000.00 / Person
  2. Annual Full (Practice & Race) Out of Town Membership : R 1 000.00 / Person
  3. Annual Partial (Practice Only) Membership : R 1 000.00 / Person
  4. Annual Partial (Practice Only) Out of Town Membership : R 500.00 / Person
  5. Once-Off Membership (Race) : R 500.00 / Person
  6. Once-Off Membership (Practice) : R 500.00 / Person
  7. Once-Off Border (BKC) Membership (Race) : R 50.00 / Person
  8. Once-Off Border (BKC) Membership (Practice) : R 50.00 / Person


  • Annual MSA License (Incl. Medical R50k) : To be Confirmed 
  • Annual MSA License (Excl. Medical R50k) : To be Confirmed  
  • Once-Off MSA License (Incl. Medical R50k) : To be Confirmed
  • Once-Off MSA License (Excl. Medical R50k) : To be Confirmed

Annual and Once-Off MSA License Fees (Including or Excluding Medical Cover) are payable directly to MSA. Should you select not to Include Medical Cover with MSA then proof of Medical Aid will need to be provided to AKMC.

  • Annual Padlock Key (Compulsory) : R 100.00 / Individual or Team
  • Annual Reserved Pit (Compulsory) : R 500.00 / Individual or Team

NOTE – Once-Off Membership Fees are applicable should individuals select to Race and/or Practice without having paid Annual Membership. Once-Off MSA License Fees are applicable should individuals select to Race without having paid MSA Annual License Fees, payable directly to MSA.

Once you’ve submitted the application our admin/finance team will send you an email with banking details for EFT. We will add you as a member once payment received.


Steps to enter an AKMC Race Event.

Click “Enter” button on EVENTS page and complete the Google Form. Entries for each event will only open approximately 2 weeks prior to actual event date.

  1. Senior Kart Race Entry Fee : R 950.00 / Individual or Team
  2. Junior Kart Race Entry Fee : R 550.00 / Individual or Team
  3. Bike Race Entry Fee : R 650.00 / Individual or Team

NOTEEntrants must have MSA Drivers Profile and Valid MSA License to enter  and participate within AKMC Events.  

Once you’ve completed and submitted you Google Entry Form our admin/finance will send you confirmation with banking details for EFT. Your entry will only be confirmed once payments received.